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‘Making our world healthier' by improving patient treatment outcomes and driving healthcare innovation in Thailand is CR Galaxy’s agenda. 
Our Visions

To be a “One stop solution” for medical product sponsors of clinical research and regulatory activities in Thailand. CR Galaxy aspires to be our client preferred outsourcing partner of choice from R&D to Product Approval and Commercialization in Thailand.  

Our Missions

To provide excellence in service for clinical research and regulatory activities in Thailand in addition to being the preferred outsourcing partners for Innovators, Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies.

Why CR Galaxy

Shortcut to the achievement, CR Galaxy provides strategic and operational consultation by experiences consultants familiar with local and global requirements and perspectives.

Seamless workflow under your control, CR Galaxy can help sponsors streamline processes, allowing our clients to plan and accelerate their projects and stay updated on every step.

Acceleration of Innovation

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